Normal: Healthcare for diseases caused by digital technologies

(in collaboration with Ina Turinsky, 2017/2018)

The ongoing digitalization is constantly producing new technologies and products. Interaction with these objects changes the human body both psychologically and physically. First symptomatic consequences are phenomena like Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS), Blue Light Hazard (BLH), Text Neck (TN) and Digital Motion Sickness (DMS). Even already known problems such as visual disturbances, insomnia and postural deformities find new causes in digital objects. An intensification, further development and new formation of such pathological symptoms are emerging. "Normal" shows a number of orthotic treatment options, which counteract digital caused diseases. Unlike conventional weaning therapies the products work target-oriented on the affected body part. The use of these orthoses begins already in the inpatient treatment and supports the smooth transition of the patients into the extra-clinical area.




size: various dimensions

material: PS, PVC, metal, various textiles, fresnel lense, rubber

photo credits: Ina Turinsky, Leonarda Spassova, Andi Wagner

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